Extreme Cleaning Details:

What do we offer during an extreme residential cleaning package #3

During an extreme clean service we provide a complete fresh start for a property that needs more than just a cleaning.

Our method for an extreme clean is to first declutter the property area per area, sort items by like items, store like items in your organizing system . Then provide a residential luxury deep clean #2 service to your property.

An ideal property would be a untidy / cluttered property

A residential property  which will need to be decluttered prior to a deep clean. If your property has many items scattered & not in designated a storage, rooms, area.

Ie: personal items, clothing, kids toys, decor, boxes, paper work.

A property that will need to be lightly organized

A property that will need to be sorted & decluttered prior to a deep cleaning. 
1. Sort like items by like items. 

2. Place in your designated organized areas or storage systems per room.

 (Storage supplies are not included)

A property that will need an extreme clean

Will need everything included in  our Residential cleaning details Luxury clean package #2 

Plus Decluttering prior to a clean, sorting like items & finding a functioning  system for you.

Services we do Not provide during an extreme cleaning

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