Residential Cleaning Details:

What due we offer in our residential cleaning services

During a residential deep cleaning service we offer a refresh service #1 which is a standard clean for prior clients. 

Our residential deep clean #2 service is a detailed deep clean for new clients.

Refresh Cleaning Package #1

A basic clean refresh package #1 is for prior clients only. An up keep clean tailored to your biweekly or weekly needs.
Clients who have been serviced within the last 30 days with a deep clean.

Residential Luxury Cleaning Package #2:

Deep Cleaning Service

What Service's are PROVIDED during a residential luxury clean package # 2

Our Luxury cleaning package is Ideal for a property that requires a deep clean only. A property that has not been professional cleaned monthly, biweekly , weekly & first time clients.


If your property needs to be tidyed up, decluttered, items sorted, & to create designated areas for scattered items prior to a cleaning then an Extreme Cleaning Details  service can give your property  a restart.

When booking a residential deep clean Add the number of organization hours needed to a deep Cleaning Package.

Restroom Cleaning Details

Kitchen Cleaning Details

Family room Cleaning Details

Bedroom Cleaning Details

Addon service

Services NOT provided during a residential luxury cleaning package #2

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