Services we Offer

What cleaning services  do we offer you

Cleaning Service Technicians LLC offer Residential cleaning with a focus on deep cleaning services.

Our residential deep cleaning provides a detailed cleaning in areas that are not covered during a standard upkeep service. A cleaning that provides removal of accumulated dust, dirt, spider webs  via high & low dusting. Wiping, scrubbing & washing of heavily accumulated dirt on surfaces. Cleaning underneath & in top of all reachable surfaces. Our residential cleaning services are for a rental unit, condo or home. We also provide commercial space cleaning for an Office, Gym or retail store.
You can review all of our services below & click the images to view each service detail description.

Residential Deep Clean #2

A detailed deep cleaning service. Ideal for a property that does not require tidy/ declutter prior to a deep clean.

Extreme Clean #3

Ideal for a property that requires a Tidy/Declutter add on prior to a detailed deep cleaning service.

2 Hour Deep Clean session

Ideal for a client who only wants to deep clean plus tidy/declutter  1 to 2 rooms within the allotted time.

Move Out/ In Cleaning Service

A deep cleaning provided after moving out a property or prior to moving into a property. (Completely empty & unfurnished)

After a renovation Cleaning 

Ideal for a property where renovations have ceased and will need a cleaning that is focused on fine dust, plaster residue, tape residue etc.

Commercial Space Cleaning

A non residential propert cleaning for an office, gym or retail space.